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Straupe curd 9% 400g

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Curd 9%, taste and smell pure, lactic acid, soft texture, homogeneous with cottage cheese grains, a small amount of whey is allowed. Color from white to cream color, does not contain flavorings and food additives, colorants, flavor enhancers, preservatives and sweeteners; marking, NPKS certificate 75-96-07/3. Ingredients: skim milk, lactic acid bacteria. Energy value 690kJ / 165kcal. 100g of product contains: fat 9g, including saturated fatty acids 5.2g, carbohydrates 3.0g, including sugars 3.0g, proteins 18g, salt 0.1g. The salt content is only the result of the natural Na-presence. Country of origin: Latvia. Manufacturer PKS Straupe, "Pienotava" Straupes pagasts,Pārgaujas novads LV4152. Tel: 26468734,64132256, e-mail: pasutijumi@straupespiens.lv
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Price per kg: 4.73 €

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