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Mājas gardums yogurt with strawberries 0,1% 350g

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Ingredients: skimmed milk yogurt (skimmed milk, sugar, starch, skimmed milk powder, gelatin, yeast), strawberry additive 20% (strawberries 50%, water, sugar, starch, strawberry flavor). Energy value 289 kJ / 69.9kcal, 100g of the product contains: fat 0.1g, including saturated fatty acids 0.07g, carbohydrates 13.6g, including sugars 13.6g, protein 3.2g, salt 0.05g (natural presence of sodium). Store Storage temperature + 2°C and + 6°C. Country of origin: Latvia. Distributor: SIA Mājas gardums, Jelgavas iela 24-3, Aizpute, Aizputes novads, LV-3456, e pasts: info@majasgardums.lv, tel: +37126102136
Package Size 0.35
Package Size Unit kg
Dimension 8 cm × 8 cm × 12 cm

Price per kg: 3.57 €

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