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With free registration on NUKO.lv receive customer advantages! For every purchase earn Klik! bonuses and use them as payment for next purchases. Do purchase for 1 Euro and receive 1 Klik! bonus in your account from NUKO.lv. Next time you pay for purchases with accrued Klik!.

1 Klik! = 0.01 EUR
100 Klik! = 1.00 EUR

For certain actions during shopping get additional Klik! bonuses or collect and receive even more in gift from NUKO.lv. Accrued Klik! bonuses can be turned into gift card or donated to charity.

Follow news on NUKO.lv and be aware of Klik! bonus or special offers for you!

Have a great shopping!

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1 Klik! = 0.01 EUR
100 Klik! = 1.00 EUR