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How can I pay for a purchase at a Nuko supermarket? offers you to pay with the Internet bank of Latvia's leading banks, VISA, VISA ELECTRON, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO cards, as well as using one of the world's most popular e-payment systems Paypal. In cases when the payment has been rejected due to unknown reasons, recommends trying another payment method, but if it is not available, please contact us by e-mail: reminds that the payment may not be accepted in cases when: - incorrect payment information has been entered; - There is not enough money in the selected payment type account to make the payment.

When to pay?

Payment for goods and delivery is made at the time of purchase, using one of the payment systems specified by

Are the prices of the product indicated with VAT?

Yes, all prices in the supermarket include VAT.

Is it possible to get discounts when buying goods in bulk?

Almost every product has a bulk discount when you buy a set of products or a full package. You can see this in details in the product description.

What opportunities does the 3+ Family Card provide for its owner?

If you are a confirmed 3 + FAMILY CARD holder, then when entering your shopping cart, enter the discount coupon code in the field: 3 + gimeneskarte_XXXXXXXX (card No digits) and receive a 5% discount. Note that discounts are not cumulative.

What discount is given when bringing a new customer to the store?

By bringing a new buyer who will register and make a purchase on, you will receive a 5% discount on your next purchase. Let us know who it is by writing to us at

Do discounts add up? products are subject to the product prices and discounts that are presented at the time of product purchase. Stock discount coupons are valid for full price goods and discounts do not add up.

How do I get a discount coupon or code? regularly performs various promotions, within which discount codes are announced or offered. Enter the discount code while browsing the product in your shopping cart and receive a discount.

How is the delivery made?

Delivery is throughout the territory of Latvia. Delivery in Riga, Riga districts and Jurmala every day - on working days and Saturdays: from 8:00 to 22:00, on Sundays: from 8:00 to 18:00. Delivery in the regions of Latvia - on working days from 9:00 to 20:00. When making a purchase, indicate the address where you want to receive the purchase and choose the delivery time. The courier will call you before he arrive. If the delivery of goods is delayed due to unforeseen and independent circumstances, will contact you to arrange a convenient delivery time.

Will the entire order be delivered?

When the purchase is made, you will receive an automatic confirmation letter in your e-mail with the order confirmation, the range of purchased goods, as well as information about the place and time of delivery. At this point, your purchase will be handed over for complete delivery. In case of problems with any of the products or technical defects during assembly, you will receive an automatic e-mail about changes in the shopping cart while the money paid or used Klik! will be returned to your profile User account.

What to do when receiving a order?

Browse the shipment and make sure that the packaging is not damaged, then accept the product, if you see violations, for example, the order has been delivered late or it is damaged, inform us by writing to Please note that the courier may ask for an identity document.

After the purchase, can I change the delivery date if the selected delivery date does not suit me anymore?

Yes, it is possible to change the delivery date, but only to a later date than indicated in the purchase confirmation e-mail, if such a situation arises, please inform us by writing an e-mail to to arrange a new delivery time. Please note that e-mail may not be checked outside office hours and on weekends!

What to do if the order is not received at time?

On the day of delivery, you will receive a letter from in your e-mail. The email will also include the delivery time and order number. If you do not receive your order within the specified delivery time, please contact by writing to and indicating the order number. We will find out the status of the shipment and the planned delivery.

Can I change the delivery address and time after making order?

Due to system automation, is not able to provide immediate change of address or delivery time. However, in exceptional cases, the address and time can be changed by informing us by writing to e-mail We will specify the address and delivery time together. Depending on how far the new address is from the original address, you will be able to receive the purchase on the same or the next delivery day.

What is Klik! Bonus system? provides an opportunity to save Klik! bonuses from the purchase amount. For one euro spent you automatically receive one Klik !. With accumulated Klik! you can pay for further purchases, receiving the product even cheaper! Accumulated Klik! bonuses can be found in the User Account of your profile, in the Klik! bonus account.

What is Klik! Bonus procedure?

You automatically receive Klik! bonus for each purchase made. One euro spent is one Klik! bonus. After each purchase you will receive an e-mail about your Klik! account changes.

What is my profile and User account?

When you have registered in, your profile is created with the User account. Here you can browse your purchases, transaction history, change information about yourself, etc.

Why do I need to register with

Registration is required to send the order confirmation and deliver it to the registered address, while the courier will call the phone number at the time of delivery. Registration gives several advantages: make further orders without entering data, receive the best offers, use the discount code, save Klik! bonuses and spend them when paying for future orders, review order history, etc.!

Why should the recipient's information be provided - phone number and address?

In order for to ensure high-quality and timely delivery of your purchase, the recipient's information must be provided when making the order: -delivery address, where you will wait for your purchase, and the telephone number to which the courier will call on the day of delivery to inform about arrival time. A courier will call you at the phone number you entered to arrange the exact delivery time. If the provided telephone number is inaccurate or the customer cannot be called to this number, the delivery time may be longer than indicated in the order confirmation e-mail. Please check that the phone number you entered is correct.

How can I apply to receive news and promotional offers by e-mail and / or SMS?

If you are a registered user, you will receive news and special offers automatically. If you still do not receive offers, make sure that the User account of your profile indicates that you want to receive news from If you are an unregistered user, you can give us your phone number or e-mail using the field on the home page or by sending an e-mail to

How can I unsubscribe from receiving messages or promotional offers in my e-mail and / or SMS?

If you no longer wish to receive stock offers and news from in your e-mail, then at the bottom of such e-mail click to refuse to receive the news. You can also mark in your Profile User account that you do not want to receive SMS or message offers, while unregistered users must write to us at, indicating their e-mail or phone number, which they want to remove from the list of recipients.

How can I make a purchase in supermarket?

Products in supermarket are divided into separate categories according to their characteristics or application. Each product category includes sections according to the use of the product. Both on the product card and on the open product page, next to each product, there is a "Cart" button, which, when pressed, adds the product to your shopping cart. After each addition, you can continue shopping or open a shopping cart, then follow the steps to indicate the place and time of delivery. Then make a payment for the selected products and wait for the courier at the specified place and time!

Can I cancel my purchase and get my money back?

To cancel the purchase, contact us immediately by writing to In cases where the purchase is canceled, spent Click! or the money returns to your profile User account. When requesting a refund to the bank account, will make a refund within 3 working days after the refund confirmation, which you will receive in your e-mail. In some cases, the refund time is affected by the bank's business hours and procedures and can take up to 30 days after the refund is confirmed.

How do I know if the selected product is in the store?

All products that are visible on are available and you can buy them. If the product is sold out on it will appear with a new addition.

What should I do if I receive incorrectly added or damaged product? solves every case. Please report such cases by writing to us at, indicating your purchase number, as well as describing the problem related to your purchase.

I can't make a purchase. What should I do?

If the answers to the question cannot be found in the questions section, write to A specialist will help and answer questions.

Why can't I enter an address?

Please indicate the delivery address as accurately as possible in the fields provided. Each address coincides with the official one registered with the Latvian Land Service. If the address provided is inaccurate or incomplete, further shopping steps may occur. Do not get confused, contact us by writing to e-mail If the delivery address has additional instructions (door code, staircase number, office number, etc.) that the courier should know so that the shipment can be delivered directly to your hands, please also mention them.

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