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AlmaWin Glass and Window Cleaner 500ml

Price per l: 8.38 €

The optimal mixture of surfactants and alcohol together with water removes dirt effectively and you will have brilliance free of streaks. You can use it besides glass for other surfaces suitable for wet sweeping, plastic furniture and so on. Removes dust and finger prints on brilliant surfaces. Successfully dermatologically tested. Certified: Certisys sprl. Dosage: Ready to use, spray on the surface from 40 cm distance, wipe afterwards Ingredients: <5% nonionic surfactants (vegetal saccharoidal surfactants). Further ingredients: water, ethanol (vegetal alcohol), lactic acid. 100% of the ingredients are of natural origin
Package Size 0.5
Package Size Unit l
Dimension 9 cm × 4 cm × 26 cm

Price per l: 8.38 €

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