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Iļģuciems Kvass 1,5 l

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Ilguciema Kvass - a healthy, foamy non-alcoholic beverage, brewed from natural ingredients as a result ofunfinishedalcohol fermentation. It has a pronounced aroma and the taste of a genuine rye bread. Kvass is brewed from barley and rye malt grain. Kvass only acquires the characteristic taste and flavour of fresh rye bread during the fermentation process while preserving all the biologically active substances contained in the malt, necessary for the human body. Ilguciema kvass does not contain food colourings, artificial flavourings and sweeteners! It quenches thirst and is perfect to serve with different dinner dishes.Contents of the product:drinking water, sugar, barley and rye malt extract substances, acidity regulators - lactic acid, citric acid, CO2, antioxidant - ascorbic acid.
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Dimension 8 cm × 8 cm × 32 cm

Price per l: 0.86 €

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