How to shop in NUKO.lv?

1. Go to NUKO.lv

Choose your language.


2. Register

When registered use your consumer benefits and receive Click! bonuses for every purchase made.


3. Choose a product

- Select a category.

- Browse to find a product you are interested in – you can search by specific brand.

- Add a product to your shopping cart by a click or click on the product image and in the description part select larger amount or packaging.

- You can add product to your favorite product list or share information to a friend.


4. Check the shopping cart and go to the checkout

- View selected products, number of items and purchase value.

- You can edit or delete chosen products in the cart.

- You can add selected items to your favourite product list and
it will remain for future online shoppings.

- If you want to add something to the cart, go

- To conclude the purchase, go to


5. Fill out delivery address

- Fill in the delivery address form.

- If you want your purchase be delivered to a friend or relative, register another delivery address.

- In your user account you can register several delivery addresses, and when shopping online choose where to await NUKO.lv courier, or send a purchase to your grandma in the countryside.


6. Choose your convenient delivery date and time

When shopping you specify the most convenient date and time for your purchase delivery. On that day the courier will call you to make sure you are able to receive your order.

More about delivery service find out here:

*/ ?>

7. Check your order

Check your purchases and make sure nothing is forgotten.

Go through agreement terms and conditions.


8. Make payment for your purchases

Select how to make payment, by:

- credit card

- internet bank

- postpaid payment

- advanced payment.

If you do not use internet bank, please contact NUKO.lv by writing to
nuko@nuko.lv or by calling 28 67 67 69 (weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00).

We issue an invoice for making payment in any bank of Latvia.


9. Good job done!

While you are committed to other activities, NUKO.lv will send you an e-mail about the status of your purchase and when it starts on delivery.

For every purchase made you will receive Klik! bonus.

The calculation is simple:

1 Klik! = 0,01 EUR

100 Klik! = 1 euro!

Klik! bonuses are set on your user account. You can use them to pay for next purchase or collect them and receive in gift from NUKO.lv even ore.

Have a great shopping!

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